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We are a mid-20's couple from the east coast of the USA. I am infatuated with the idea of sharing my wife. She doesn't seem to mind the idea of being shared either ;) Some of the posts are us, and I will reblog anything I find sexy, attractive, interesting or otherwise worthwhile. Feel free to ask us anything!

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Do you and your wife do anal? Has she done it with any of her lovers?

We haven’t in a long time. I’m a bit big for her, even when we’re very careful and take it slow it’s somewhat uncomfortable for her. She used to do anal with one of her lovers who is smaller down there than I am, but even then she prefers vaginal.

Glad someone asked the question about lovers knowing about the other. About a year ago my wife was casually seeing 2 different guys. Sometimes with me and with them alone. She thought it fun to tell them about each other. One was ok but the other got very jealous. He could handle me having her but not someone else. He became rough and sarcastic. We didn’t need that so we ended him. Sadly the other guy moved east. We have caught up with him a few times but now looking for a reliable replacement,

Funny how that happens, isn’t it? You would think that they’d be cool with it since they already know they’re not the #1, but humans are strange creatures. Good job separating from that guy. That’s something we’re learning and getting better at. Sometimes you have to realize a lover isn’t working out, and it’s often best to cut ties right away. Thanks for sharing!

Hi Bruce and Adrienne here you ever hook up with couples

Hey there! We have not yet but we want to try it out. We’ve had a few opportunities that got close but didn’t pan out, it seems like some couples can be a lot of talk and not much else. Hopefully our next chance works out!